June 7, 2017

HistStadt4D at the Web3D conference in Brisbane, Australia

Jonas Bruschke presented the HistStadt4D project and current research questions at the 22nd International Conference on 3D Web Technology (Web3D).

The conference, which was being held from 5-7 June 2017 in Brisbane, Australia, unites researchers, developers, entrepreneurs, experimenters, artists and content creators in a dynamic learning environment. It also focuses on recent trends in interactive 3D graphics, information integration and usability in the wide range of Web3D applications from mobile devices to high-end immersive environments. Keynote speakers included Blair MacIntyre (Principal Research Scientist, Mozilla, and Professor of Interactive Computing, Georgia Tech) and Neil Trevett (President, Khronos Group).

This year's conference has been accompanied by a VR Hackathon, where participants could develope 3D applications with focus on virtual reality and immersive environments.