Feb. 13, 2014

Markerless Motion-Capturing Workshop at HTW Dresden

Dear 3d animators and film makers! We invite you to explore the diversity of human movement in general and of walking styles specifically. In this 4-hour hands-on workshop you will get the possibility to capture and explore unique ways of walking. We will introduce you to the mocap workflow: - capturing the movements with our markerless motion-capture system - tipps and tricks of cleaning and smoothing motion data in Autodesk’s Motion Builder software - and transferring the motion to various characters for export to other animation packages. The 4-hour workshop will take place at University of Applied Sciences Dresden near main station and will be given on request. If you’re interested in participating and you have basic experience in 3D animation software, please let us know via email to sstrauss[at*]informatik.htw-dresden.de (limited number of participants) to fix a date and time. Where? At HTW Dresden (University of Applied Science) When? On request (- Please email sstrauss[at*]informatik.htw-dresden.de for further information! -) Software used:Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Motionbuilder Requirements: Prior knowledge in any 3D animation package preferable, but not necessary Language: English or German (depending of participants) Costs: Free Apart from this workshop, please note the yearly DREMATRIX promotion prize (Submission deadline: June 1st) promoting new ideas of visualizating movement and/or solid concepts of integrating motion capture in the artistic film making process. The price includes - two full days of motion capture in our system with a technical support team & - 500 € for travel expenses and hotel costs. Send us your sketch, a short vita and some references until June 1st, 2014! Any applications – film or animation sketches, interactive concepts, general visualization conecpts – demonstrating the possibilities and application of the markerless motion capture technology are welcome and will be considered. For more information visit us at Filmfest Dresden [Go Forward! – Promotion Prizes And Support Programmes, Fr, April 18th]!

Please also note our other workshop offered in the course of Filmfest Dresden: Character Modelling Workshop at HTW Dresden