June 2, 2022

Theatrum Mundi - Multimedia exhibition in the Lipsiusbau

On June 6th 2022 the exhibition "Der Schl├╝ssel zum Leben. 500 Jahre mechanische Figurenautomaten" has been opened. Next to many different pieces of art and inventions there is an original Theatrum Mundi from the 19th century displayed.

In collaboration with the Puppentheatersammlung of the SKD we developed a multimedia application: In front of the 5 x 2m wide stage there is a foil clamped, on which (when being activated) a performance is projected to. This performance is inspired by historical theatre programs and digitalised in 3D. Left and right of the stage coulisses decorate the stage setting and figures on little carriages move slowly from one side to the other across rails.

The project also includes a media station, on which visitors can produce their own performance. Through touching they can drag and drop coulisses, figures and even music pieces to rails.

This application was developed in a one-year research project, so that performances can now be put together close to reality.