Oct. 2, 2018

TISRA research associate at VCBM 2018 in Granada

Johannes Metzler, researching within the project TISRA (led by Prof. Hans-Joachim Böhme and Prof. Markus Wacker), presented a paper on Estimation of Muscle Activity in One-Leg Stance from 3D Surface Deformation at VCBM 2018 in Granada (20.09. - 21.09.). VCBM (Visual Computing for Biology and Medicine) is a Workshop sponsored by the European Association for Computer Graphics (EG) with a focus on visualization techniques for medicine and biology.

The paper illustrates how muscle activity of the leg in the one-legged stance can be estimated by skin surface deformations. The skin surface is recorded and analyzed with a multi-camera setup. The aim is to extend the traditional electromyography (EMG) measurement by a visual recording procedure. This would make muscle activity measurement accessible to more facilities. Area-based measurement also provides new modalities for gait analysis, e.g. could be analyzed where deformations of certain muscles on the skin take place.