Digital reconstruction of a Theatrum Mundi

Digital reconstruction of a Theatrum Mundi Theatrum Mundi – weekly show of the 19th century

Since the 19th century Theatrum Mundi (lat. world theatre) are mainly mechanic miniature theatres and can be compared to today‘s movie theatres. Different plays were shown, in which little figures made from wood or cardboard moved across the stage.
By the end of the year 2021 we reconstruct a virtual Theatrum Mundi by Curt Kressig (1883-1970) as part of the project „Die Dinge (wieder) in Bewegung bringen“ („to get things moving (again)“) by museum4punkt0. We collaborate with the Puppentheatersammlung of the SKD and the company lightframe fx.
As a result we want to generate a web application for the SKD special exhibition „Der Schlüssel zum Leben. 500 Jahre mechanische Figurenautomaten“. Therefore a lot of research needs to be done – regarding the correct historical representation of the construction of the Theatrum Mundi as well as technical and developmental issues.
Visitors can put there own, individual act for this Theatrum Mundi. They can create the stage design, let figures move across the stage and add fitting music. To view their act, visitors can either watch it in the museum or as a rendered video. With a „Pro-Tool“ real historical acts from the past can be researched, reconstructed and shown in the exhibition.