Markerless Motion Analysis in Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine

Markerless Motion Analysis in Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Therapists often use assessment tests, anamnesis forms and/or handwritten notes to evaluate the progress of their patients.

Systems for non-contact motion capturing as the Microsoft© Kinect sensor or the markerless motion capture systems Biostage by Organic Motion© open up new potentials for movement analysis in rehabilitation and training. In comparison to marker-based motion recording technology they shorten the preparation time of the patients and fit unobtrusively into the therapy sessions.

As part of the PhD project robust and user-friendly software modules are designed to record skeletal data and identify recurring patterns automatically. A software module for motion recording offers therapists in addition to their known evaluation methods a video image, sound recordings and motion data to assess the health status and treatment progress of their patients. With a software module for motion analysis, the therapists can evaluate arbitrary motion graphs and compare motion graphs of various therapy sessions with each other. Notes and medical observation sheets will be integrated into the software and motion patterns will be detected automatically. So therapists are able to detect eye-catching motions and improvement of motor skills based on objectively measurable motion data, and in addition to their known assessment procedures.

Thus, effects of therapy and training methods could be documented, controlled, visualized and summarized more detailed using calculable and revisable data.

The project was funded by the European Union and the Free State of Saxony.

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