IDOVIR – Infrastructure for Documentation of Virtual Reconstructions

Jonas Bruschke, Markus Wacker, Marc Grellert, Daniel Beck, Wolfgang Stille In: Böhme, H.-J., Macík, M., Slavík, P., Kammer, D., Brose, J. (Eds.), Proceedings of the 25th Bilateral Student Workshop CTU Prague and HTW Dresden - User Interfaces & Visualization. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft, Dresden, pp. 45–49. 2023
IDOVIR – Infrastructure for Documentation of Virtual Reconstructions


Virtual reconstructions have become a common tool for research and communication in the field of architectural and urban history studies. They often visualize architecture that no longer exists, but also never realized construction plans. In general, such reconstructions are created based on various sources that are often ambiguous or incomplete. Though, the intellectual, decision-making processes that underpin these reconstructions ususally remain intransparent and the knowledge and findings are in danger of being lost. For the scientific community however, it is important that the processes and knowledge behind a reconstruction is publicly accessible and documented in a transparent, comprehensible, and sustainable manner. IDOVIR aims to overcome these shortcomings by establishing a free, accessible, web-based online platform, with which the documentation of virtual reconstructions and the decision-making processes behind can be accomplished in a supportive way and will be publicly available.