Documentation and Evaluation of Virtual Reconstructions

Marc Grellert, Markus Wacker, Jonas Bruschke, Wolfgang Stille, Daniel Beck In: 2023 IMEKO International Conference on Metrology for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage. Rome, Italy, pp. 653-658. 2023
Documentation and Evaluation of Virtual Reconstructions


Virtual reconstructions have become widely established as communication and research tools in the context of architectural and urban studies. To make these reconstruction solutions more transparent and to allow for their assessment and recognition, it is of vital importance to document and evaluate the reconstruction processes. However, currently, such documentation, which would facilitate the scholarly analysis of the results, is only compiled in isolated cases. The DFGfunded project IDOVIR (Infrastructure for Documentation of Virtual Reconstructions) provides the community with a freely accessible, free of charge, and userfriendly platform (https://idovir.com) for documenting sources, reconstructions and decisions quickly and economically. From variants and different evaluation schemes for reconstructions and sources, the versatile tool allows the user to indicate the plausibility and informational value of the sources and the reconstructions based on them.