Archive 2018

Oct. 2, 2018

TISRA research associate at VCBM 2018 in Granada

Johannes Metzler
Johannes Metzler, researching within the project TISRA (led by Prof. Hans-Joachim Böhme and Prof. Markus Wacker), presented a paper on Estimation of Muscle Activity in One-Leg Stance from 3D Surface Deformation at VCBM 2018 in Granada (20.09. - 21.09.). VCBM (Visual Computing for Biology and Medicine) is a Workshop sponsored by the European Association for Computer Graphics (EG) with a focus on visualization techniques for medicine and biology.

The paper illustrates how muscle activity of the leg in the one-legged stance can be estimated by skin surface deformations. The skin surface is recorded and analyzed with a multi-camera setup. The aim is to extend the traditional electromyography (EMG) measurement by a visual recording procedure. This would make muscle activity measurement accessible to more facilities. Area-based measurement also provides new modalities for gait analysis, e.g. could be analyzed where deformations of certain muscles on the skin take place.

Sept. 3, 2018

Drematrix at "Mensch und Computer 2018"

Jonas Bruschke
The conference "Mensch und Computer" (MuC) is with more than 700 participants in recent years one of the biggest HCI conferences in Europe. Annually, it attracts participants from science and industry. This year, the conference took place at the International Congress Center in Dresden.
Drematix was present with several submissions: Evelyn Zinnatova presented her work titled "Kunstgefühl - Von der Grafik zum interaktiven Tastmodell" at the workshop "Be-greifbare Interaktion". Jonas Bruschke used the opportunity to attend the Doctoral Seminar and showcased the project HistStadt4D at the demo session ("Räumliches Durchsuchen von Repositorien historischer Fotografien").